A Clandestine
Chemistry Page
of Methamphetamine,
(Meth), Amphetamine
LSD 25 etc.

A Page Dealing with The Clandestine Chemistry,
Synthesis, Manufacture and Production
of Methamphetamine(Meth) and LSD 25 etc.

Most of The Papers and Journal articles is taken from
[KTH Royal Institute of Thechnology In Stockholm]
and most of the Patents
[The Swedish Patent and Registration Office In Stockholm]
In The First Half of The Eighties.

This is not an Intention for Criminal Operations
or Breaking The Law Just for
Informative Purposes.
Good Luck !



Ephedrine Based Chiral Intermediates


[Handbooks from Springer Verlag]
[Laboratory Manuals]
[References In The Chemical Literature]


[Recipe No I]
[Recipe No II]
[US Pat. 5230779]
[US Pat. 5423959]


Convert toluene to Benzyl chloride


General Literature References

[Literature Review]
[Artiklar Från Dagspressen]
[Beilstein Hautwerk (-1909) Band 12]
[Beilstein Ergänzungswerk I (1910-1919) Band 12]
[Beilstein Ergänzungswerk II (1920-1929) Band 12]
[Beilstein Ergänzungswerk III (1930-) Band 12]
[Impurities In-Illicit Amphetamine: A Review]
[Synthetic Reductions In Clandestine Amphetamine Laboratories: A Review]
[The Clandestine Drug laboratory Situation In The United States]

Recipes In General

[Methylamine Recipe]
[Benzylchloride Recipe]
[Diethyleter Recipe]
[Method or Process for Production of Alkaline Metals]
[Acetoacetic Acid Methyl Ester US-Pat-3,417,129]
[US Pat. 2015408]
[US Pat. 1879003]
[US Pat. 2276593]
[US Pat. 2507468]
[Brit Pat. 447792]

The Lazar Edeleanu Method

[Aceto Acetic Ester Synthesis of Amphetamine]
[US Pat. 2413493]
[Beilstein Hauptwerk Band 9]
[Beilstein-Ergänzungswerk II (1920-1929) Band 9]
[Beilstein Ergänzungswerk II (1920-1929) Band 9]
[Beilstein Ergänzungswerk III (1930-) Band 9]
[Beilstein Ergänzungswerk III (1930-) Band 9]
[Darstellung von Beta Aryl Alkylaminen]

The Gazzetta Chimica Italiana Method

The Gazzetta Chimica Italiana Method

[Evdokimoff Gazzetta Chimica Italiana 77(1947)318-26]

The Ephedrine Method

[Hermann Emde Über Diastereomerie I. Konflguration des Ephedrins]

The Phenylacetone Method

[Bobranskii Drabik Zurnal Prikldnoj Chimii 14(1941)410-5]
[Ogata J Pharm Soc Japan 451(1919)751-64]

LSD 25


[Synthesis of Amides of Lysergic Acid]
[LSA Recipe]

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D-LSD 25

A Cocaine Synthesis In The Theory

[A Synthesis of Tropinone]
[Eine vollstiindige Synthese von r Ekgonin und von Tropinon]
[Sintes Alkaloida Kokaina]
[Synthese des naturlichen Cocains No I]
[Synthese des naturlichen Cocains No II]
[Synthese von r Cocain]
[The Plant Alkaloids(1949)]
[Über das Dritte Racemische Cocain]
[Uberfurung von Tropinon in r Cocain]
[Uber Succinyldiessigssureester]

Verry Excellent Links

[Drug Related Link Collections]
[A Toluene Page]
[A Toluene Images Page]
[BenzylChloride Synthesis]
[by Benzylmagnesium Chloride Alkylation of Acetaldehyde Methylimine]
[Rhodium Chemistry Archive]

Prime Numbers



[A Prime Page]

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